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Welcome to the Hofly Group platform. We are an experienced construction and development company that specialise in medium to large scale residential development. We are able to take care of a development from day one, guiding our clients from design, construction to the sales of the properties.

Hofly Group

Built to Amaze.



Hofly Property is a real estate agency that strives to be a company that is different than others in the property market. Having a team that is personalised, passionate and professional allows us to serve our client's best interests. Not only these, the company itself is constantly adapting to the needs and wants of both markets and clients through continuous integration and education with modern developments.


Hofly Property accessible and ready to offer you simple and straight forward advice. Our sales tools are of the highest calibre. And because every Hofly Property Sales and Market directly from Developer(Hofly Group), you get a truly focus with the passion and experience of our agents to deal with you.



Hofly Group specialises in residential, commercial and industrial building. The business is a fast-growing building company with a specialised team. Hofly Constructions utilises the latest technology to manage its construction work flow such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Robotic total solutions and Navis work are playing a significant role within the business construction management of client projects. In order to delivery high quality products, minimise environmental impact and safety issue for every project.

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