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Complete solution including the design and construction of the property for the land owners. 


Helping businesses with quality and productivity. Professional and high efficiency builder service.


High-level affordable commercial & residential properties developed by us. 


Helping land owners to earn more and worry less through the sale of their lands. 


Providing relyable sales services to promote our development properties. 


Hofly was founded by Director Hongfei Xia in 2016. In our team, we understand that our success is to provide and focus on good quality products, general contracting services and our customer service. In the real estate industry, our team has extensive experience in development and construction of residential, commercial developments and are confident to bring a quality and efficient service to our clients. Our team has always been innovative and forward-thinking for delivery of the products. Over the years, we have strived to improve our construction management and productivity by utilizing most-advanced technology in our workflow. Building Information Modelling (BIM), Robotic Total Stations and network system are playing a significant role in our building process and increase our level of communication and productivity dramatically. These construction building methods and systems are starting to change the construction and real estate industry in Sydney.


As we rapidly grown into a larger family, our aim has always been to provide highly advanced quality products and services.

Our Building Innovation (BIM)

We encourage team members to use the BIM (building information modelling) system to create project models that are sufficiently accurate to enable set out of all building components and services. We have expertise in modelling control points in an information model which can be used with GPS equipment to layout building assemblies on site. We offer a service to set up an onsite digital kiosk and implementation of mobile device applications to enable the site teams to negotiate installation issues.


Prior to site establishment we have a designing team who are experienced in modelling site logistics models so that the site management team can be review site constraints and opportunities in a 3D setting and improve the pre-site planning process. We go even further with detailed 4D construction sequencing models. Our 4D timeline models can be readily utilized by the contractor team to effectively plan and monitor construction activity and can be utilized to validate progress claims.

Our BIM(Building Information Modelling) system aimed as using modelling software for coordination with the architects, consultants and subcontractors. We clearly understand the efficiency and advantage of using the object-oriented system to achieve automation and data analysis for our construction project across all the stages in the building cycle. The categorized system help improve our cost estimation and visualisation to either clients and the co-workers working on the site.

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