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Partner-buyer option enables investors with less capital to invest in real estate properties. This is suitable for those who are looking for their first property or working class with not enough amount of capital for a normal purchase. The requirement of applying for this option is that the person must have a good credit record and the purchased property must be developed by Hofly Group. This option allows investors to buy a property with only 5% of cash deposit, 15% loan provided by Hofly and 80% of bank mortgage. 


This option gives the investor the opportunity to get involved in the process of property development. The investor would be able to hold a proportion of the the project in his name and receives his payback through developed properties. This option allows investors to acquire properties in a huge discount price so it is suitable for those looking for reality investment opportunities. This option requires the investors to invest an amount of cash, but the specific amount would be based on the value of the property.


This option provides high and stable cash return. The investor would become a member of the developer s after the investment and enjoys a 15%-20% capital gain (if the property is sold) or a 5% annual rental income (if the property is rent out) after the settlement. The investor would be able to get rid of liquidity risk, due to cash
return. This option requires the investor to have a higher capital investment amount and the minimum amount is
200 thousand AUD (cannot be mortgage loan).
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